Motion Camp 2021 is more than an annual youth camp, more than just relaxation, outdoor fun and campfire! It is a time to create lasting relationships, healthy relationships, we grow spiritually, we develop, we laugh, we support each other and we get better together!

We put our faith in MOTION to experience the power of God and build His Kingdom!

We are in the process of organizing a memorable week for you, with physical participation. Register here: LINK.

In these 5 days, as a participant, you can enjoy the friendly environment, contemporary and relevant content, vibrant music, fun activities and the opportunity to become part of a community of action, which changes lives, influences, supports, develops and serves to a Great Creator.

We know that this is God’s will. The impact we can have together in unity is BEYOND any imagination. We look forward to be inspired and empowered to be God’s agents for transforming our families, our youth groups, our churches, and our cities through the power of His presence.


1. Do I have to register now, or can I register at the entrance?
Places are limited and no one guarantees that there will be open spaces on the last day of registration at Motion Camp 2021. To reserve your place, you must register here: motion registration.

2. What is the price for Motion Camp?
For registration you must contribute the amount of X lei, entitled „Donation for MOTION Camp”, here. This payment  is non-refundable. The price  also depends on the tent: you come with your tent or we rent you a tent.

3. Are sponsorships offered to cover part of the participation fees?
We do not want you to be unable to attend the Camp  just for financial reasons… If you need sponsorship, fill out an application here: sponsorship-motion.

4. Who should I contact if I have questions about registration?
For any questions regarding registration, contact:

5. How can I be useful in this process ?
You can contribute to the organization of this camp, supporting in prayer, contributing financially, with the title of „donation for MOTION Camp”, here.

6. What should I have with me?
You need to have with you: comfortable, decent clothes, insect repellent, a thicker blouse, personal hygiene products, comfortable shoes, Bible, a notebook, towel and other things that you think are necessary.

7. How should I dress at camp?
The outfit is light. It is good to have a blouse with you and sports clothes, for some competitions and sports activities.

8. Where can I stay?
You can come with your own tent or you can rent  it from us for a fee.